Who we are

Supporting Organisations by Empowering People and Unlocking Potential.

The future of organizations is in the growth of the people in them.

Creating Possibilities with People

by unlocking potential, improving performance, and transforming productivity in people and teams.

  • Comprehensive, 360-degree HR support
  • Structured & systematic approach
  • Simplified solution
  • Research-based (Industry & Market)
  • Personalized attention & support
  • Services custom to the organisation's unique needs

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    What we do

    Help catalyze progressive change within people and teams.

    The People Possible is born out of innate Passion to help the people and organisation grow together.

    Through our focused research of over 10+ years, we have been trying hard to identify the key factors for every organisation growth and progress. Over these years we tried uncovering the essential factors as to why are some organisation successful and why are others still lacking behind?

    Know our Process

    How we do

    Supporting organizations in a 360-degree approach.

    People – gain clarity about their job purpose, roles, responsibilities, and goals.

    Personal Well-being – support people to see within as individuals and solve their behavioural, attitudinal and life problems.

    Process – create business operating standard document and help build a structured and process-driven organization

    Performance – communication to people & teams about the goals & their contribution

    Productivity – focused training & development as per the needs identified

    Progress – build a culture of growth & positivity that is centered around organization’s vision and values.

    Our Services

    Meet Our Team

    We are a growing team working with passion!

    Dr. Susmita Parija

    Co-founder, The People Possible

    Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Woman of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. She is an epitome of positivity. A doctorate, an academician, and a lady with value, Dr.Susmita has coached, mentored, and trained over 25,000 students and professionals during her 17+ years of experience around human resource management, life skills, and training.

    Extremely sensitive and understanding of the challenges, problems, and issues around, Dr.Susmita helps people to realize the value of their life and reach the higher realm.

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    Sony Samal

    Co-founder, The People Possible

    An Entrepreneur with Passion, a Marketer, and a leader with a strong value system, Sony has over 12+ years of valued experience in Corporates across fortune 500 companies. From a Management Trainee to Business Leader, Sony has experienced every level of organizational challenges, difficulties, and the possibilities to overcome them.

    As a core team member of The People Possible, Sony is committed to supporting businesses from Startups to growing organizations with Research, Strategy, Structures, and Solutions.

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    We are on a mission of helping organization grow with a strong value system with a sense of purpose, and together building a strong team.

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